Paul Mitchell: Appologist
Real Racing 2 Business Inspirations Inspire me Jenny For You Am I Fat Equate This! Prawn Star
Real Racing 2: 3D Modelling / Maxscript tools (lightmaps, track creation, export)
Business Inspirations: Code / Art
Inspire me Jenny: Code / Art
For You: Code / Art
Am I Fat: Art
Equate This: Code / Art / Design
Prawn Star: Code / Art / Animation / Design
Paul has been digitally entertaining gamers since 1988. spanning two continents , he has tasted critical acclaim on a range of products right back to the arguable heyday of the spectrum and C64. Most recently his time and considerable efforts has been spent working on independent projects after being a senior team member on the ground breaking Real Racing series at Firemint studios. Paul also makes a pretty good Spaghetti alle vongole.
3D / 2D / Animation Deisgn / Prototyping / Production Maxscript / Unity / xCode  
©2012 Paul Mitchell. examples of work available on request.